Tips for Surfers

# Before going for surfing collect information from locals and lifeguards about the surfing area for any dangers like check for sharks
# Observe the nature of the ocean and current flowing in the water.
# Wipe out is a term used in surfing when you fall off your board. Do not force a way to the surface immediately after a wipe out. Protect your head, the board might knock you out if waves are strong.

# Find a balance point of your surf board and mark it at your chin. So that whenever you surf, you are aware of the balance point of your board and how it will react to the weight of your body.
# Stay little far away from your fellow surfers in order to avoid bumping over each other's surfboard.

# If you are novice in wave surfing, it is advisable not to surf alone. Surf with your pal or a trainer because you can never trust the nature of water.
# Beginners should wear a vest or t-shirt to avoid any rash.
# Never paddle with your both arms at a time. Always paddle with one arm first and then other arm. It's a wrong way paddling if you are using both arms at same time.
# You will fall down if you are surfing in erect standing position while the waves are very strong to ride on. Bend your knees a little to surf while standing.
# Cover your head with a surf helmet if you are surfing around the rocks.