Sites for Surfing in Maldives

Maldives is truly an ideal destination of sun, sea, sand and surf. Maldives is an emerald island with the cluster of thousand of islands. Surfing in Maldives is truly an experience to cherish all your life. Imagine catching waves amidst tropical splendor in turquoise crystalline seawater.

For novices, there are several dive schools or resorts in Maldives giving general instructions and surfboards. The North Male atoll and the Outer Atoll are two best surfing areas with amazing sites for surfing in Maldives.

The South Male Atoll also offers few surfing sites. For surfers, the ultimate season to exploit the weather condition and water current to experience ultimate pleasure in surfing is March to November or monsoon. In the middle of the annual year, visit Maldives to experience surfing in bigger waves.

The North Male Atoll has some of the best sites for surfing like chickens to the eastern reef of the Male Atoll in Villingilimathi Huraa and Cokes near Thulusdhoo. Lhohi to the eastern reef of the North Atoll can conveniently reached through dhoni from Lohifushi Island Resort. Lohifushi and Kanifinolhu Island resorts are among the best surfing sites in Maldives. These two resorts offer dhoni or boat rides to guests to experience Maldives weather. Other surf sites in the North Male Atoll include Sultans (Tari Village Resort), Ninjas (Kanifinolhu Resort), Tombstones (Thamburudhoo Island), Honky's (Thamburudhoo Island) and Male Island Point (Full Moon Beach Resort, Furana Fushi Island). All these sites offer quaint secluded atmosphere away from any hustle bustle.


Surfing in the South Male Atoll area includes Quarters (Gulhigaathuhuraa), Natives (Kandooma Resort), Kate's (near Plam Tree Island Resort) and Riptides (near Guraidhoo Island). Most of the surf sites in Maldives are located near the uninhabited islands giving the air of seclusion to surfers. The Outer Atolls of the Maldives provides myriad reef breaks. The best time to catch the waves in the area of the outer atolls is from months of February to April.

If you are searching for best site to ride on strong waves, your search ends in Maldives with its exotic selection of wave surfing sites. Feel the tropical thunder of waves and water currents here in Maldives.