Wave Surfing in Maldives

Maldives amidst the Indian Ocean boasts of its central location to enjoy water sports activities . With swaying palm trees, shimmering beaches, coral lagoons, coral reefs with rich marine species and warm water, Maldives is the best place to be at, to enjoy holidays. Resorts in Maldives offer speedboats or dhoni rides to access to the surfing sites.

With 1200 Robinson Crusoe islands, Maldives is a place for all those who are searching for great waves to catch on their surf boards. Surfing in Maldives is quite a new water sports activity than scuba diving. But is also attracting large number of travelers every year. Hosts of resorts in Maldives offer luxury and comfortable accommodation to travelers near secluded beaches.
The dive schools of resorts provide surf equipments and surfing lessons to guests. Dhonveli Beach is the most famous lay over for surfers. Even if you don't feel like surfing stroll on the quite secluded beaches and listen to the music made by tumbling waves and swaying palm trees.

We, at Tourism in Maldives, provide some of the best trip to surfing sites in Maldives. We understand the need and requirements of avid surfers. Maldives is a place, hich will never disappoint any surfer with its awe-inspiring surfing locations.

Surfing Season in Maldives
The two primary areas in Maldives to enjoy exotic eave surfing are the North Male Atoll and the Outer Atolls. From the month of April to October, the North Male Atoll is suitable to enjoy wave surfing. From the month of February to April visit the outer atolls for surfing.


Surfing Equipments in Maldives
The surfing equipments required during surfing are surf board and wetsuit. Wear a t-shirt to protect your skin from sun.

Sites for Surfing in Maldives
North Male Atoll- Cokes, Lohis, Jailbreaks, Ninjas, Lohis, Chickens and Honky's South Male Atoll- Quarters, Natives, Kate's, Last Stops, Twin Peaks, Gurus and Riptides. Maldives Outer Atolls- Outer Atoll has reef breaks offering challenging conditions to surfers. 300 miles from the South Male Atoll, the outer atoll is reachable through charter vessel.