Voyage Maldives

Go for a Voyage to Maldives and enjoy the beauty of its serene waters and exotic landscapes and islands. The country with its beautiful coral islands, fantastic beaches and wonderful culture is a great place to go for a holiday or a vacation.

Going on a Maldives Voyage basically refers to going on a cruise or taking a tour around the islands on its boats and ships. One can go for an adventure or a romantic voyage to Maldives. There are numerous cruise liners that take one for a trip to Maldives. Ocean Dancer is a small cruise boat which tales one for a trip around the beautiful islands of the country.

The Odyssey is another ship, which has a number of voyages to Maldives that one can embark upon. The boat is owned by Ocean Alliance, a company that is concerned with conservation and protection of whales. Other ships and boats on which one can go for a holiday to Maldives include Nooraanee Queen, Maleesha and Dorado.

The voyages are filled with fun, activity and excitement. In most of these trips one can go for numerous water based activities like surfing and scuba diving. The ships and boats have all the arrangements that allow one to embark on such adventure activities. One can explore the numerous hotels and resorts in and around the country and enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes, beaches and lush greenery. Many of these voyages are organized in the form of Dive Safaris, where one can check out the amazing underwater life.


Most of the voyage destinations are situated in and near the North Atoll. One can embark on such voyages from Male, Hulhule Islands, Gan Islands and others. Major spots that one gets to visit in these voyages includes Gafaaru, Thulusdhoo and others.

The odyssey has numerous voyages that one can embark upon. These voyages are more adventurous and educational. Some of these voyages that the Odyssey had embarked upon are Passage Through the Arabian, Raising Nemo and others. These ship company comes out with similar such voyages every year and one can check the relevant websites to get complete information regarding the same.

Voyages to Maldives are filled with fun and excitement. Starting from the numerous on board activities and games right down to the shore activities, everything is full of adventure and excitement.