Tickets to Maldives

There are numerous airlines flying to Maldives every day in order to take tourists on a vacation to this grand country. One can buy air tickets to Maldives and board these airlines in order to come to this country.

There are numerous passenger airlines that fly to Maldives everyday. One can take a flight from India, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Germany and Kuwait and come to Maldives.

Flights are also available from Italy and Russia to Maldives. The major airlines that fly to Maldives include Air Seychelles, Aeroflot, Air Europe, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Indian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Condor and others. One can purchase a ticket on any of these airlines and fly to this exotic country.

Air Tickets to Maldives
Air Tickets to Maldives on these airlines are available from the offices of these airline companies and also from the airport from where their flights will depart. One can also contact their local travel agents and purchase tickets through them. However before booking the tickets one must clearly specify the number of passengers, number of children, date of departure, duration of stay, place of departure, whether economy, first or executive class and all other relevant information.

In case one is looking for a vacation package, the one can contact the travel agent or the relevant airlines company. Often these packages are extremely lucrative and economical too. The prices of the tickets vary from season to season as well as on the basis of distance covered. For instance, the airfare from Sri Lankan Airport to Male International Airport aboard Sri Lankan Airlines is 343 pounds. Again if one is taking a flight from India to Male, then one can book a ticket in Air India. The ticket rates start from 1386 pounds and above. If one is planning to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Male aboard Singapore Airlines, then one can purchase tickets for 772 pounds and above. Japan Airlines has tickets to Male for 860 pounds and above.

There are numerous chartered flights to Maldives. The various chartered airline that fly to Male include Edelweiss Air, Aeris, Blue Panorama, Monarch Airways and others. Chartered flights are available from Austria, Italy, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and others.

Tickets to Maldives can be purchased through the internet also. One must check out the relevant websites and book the same.