Maldives Flights

Maldives is a major tourist destination of the world. The best way to reach this exotic country and to move around is to take a flight from your place of departure. There are numerous flights from other countries that come to Maldives every now and then. Besides, one can also avail the domestic flights to move from one island to another island of the country easily.

Madives Airlines

Maldives flights consist of both international as well as national or domestic flights. There are numerous international airlines that fly to Maldives every day. Major international airlines, which have flights to Maldives, include Air Seychelles, Aeroflot, Air Europe, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Indian Airlines, Kuwait Airways and others. Most Maldives flights are from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and other places.

One can also find flights from Austria, Italy, Germany, Russia and other parts of the world to Maldives. Thee are numerous charter flights also to Maldives. Most of these charter airlines have their flights from France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia and Italy. The most common charter airlines that fly to Maldives are Edelweiss Air, Aeris, Blue Panorama, Monarch Airways and others.


Inside the country, one can travel different hotels and resorts by air. Air Maldives, the national airlines of the country, has a number of flights to its different islands and one can easily book tickets on this airlines. Apart from this, Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways operated numerous flights to the different resorts and islands of the country.

One can contact any travel agent or check out the relevant websites to get information about the Maldives flight schedule of the major airlines flying to and from the country. One can get information on flight packages and offers also from here.