Male International Airport, Maldives

Most of the travelers enter into the Republic of Maldives via air. The Male International Airport is the only International Airport in Maldives or the gateway to Maldives located 2 km northeast of Male. On 11 November 1981, Male International Airport was inaugurated by Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom (then President). This international airport of Maldives was a symbol of development in the aviation industry and further plays an important role in the tourism in Maldives.
Male International Airport
Male International Airport caters to all the international and domestic flights operating to and from different parts of the world. There are well-maintained flights operating to and from Thrivananthapuram (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Vienna (Austria), Paris (France), Moscow (Russia), Narita (Japan), Singapore, Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dubai (UAE), London (UK), Dhoha (Qatar), Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and many other major part of the world.
Facilities available at Male International Airport of Maldives comprise of a bank, pharmacy, duty free shops, bureau de change, restaurant and post office. The airport also offers first aid facilities and left luggage facilities to travelers. With tourism industry of Maldives booming up, around 50 flights including schedule and charter flights operates in a week from over 16 international airlines from worldwide. The airport also provides seaplane transfer service to islands.