Maldives Travelers Essentials

A vacation to Maldives is filled with fun and excitement. But before going to this beautiful country, one must be updated with the all sorts of essential information that will make your holiday a safe and enjoyable one.

The Maldives Travelers Essentials gives one a complete list of what to carry, rules and regulations of the country, medical information and other related matter that will allow the tourist to move freely inside the country.

Firstly, since the sun shines almost throughout the year, one must carry sunscreen lotion and sunglasses with them. A good number of caps, and hats should also be taken to protect oneself from the sun's rays.

Light summer and cotton clothes are advisable. Since it is a hot country, these types of clothes are most comfortable.

Travelers must also carry insect repellants with them. Being a tropical country, there are numerous insects and mosquitoes over here and hence these repellants are essential.

Travelers planning to go for scuba diving must carry their own bathing suites and personal diving equipments.

One must not forget to carry their credit cards to Maldives. American express, Visa, Diners Express and Master Card is accepted over here. A good amount of foreign exchange is also necessary.

Though water is good over here, it is however recommended that one should buy mineral water.

Before coming here, one must have a confirmed hotel reservation. This is necessary for immigration clearance. There are certain restrictions on what to pack in Maldives.Travelers should not carry religious items, alcohol, arms and ammunitions with them when visiting this country. Dogs and dangerous animals are also not allowed.

Traveling inside the country and amongst its numerous islands is easy. One can travels by air or take local boat rides to the different resorts or islands of the country.

By looking into these Maldives travelers essentials one can be assured of a safe, sound and hassle free vacation in the Maldives.