Maldives Travel

The Republic of Maldives has become a major tourist destination over the past few years. Tourists coming for a vacation can travel to Maldives and the nearby islands by making use of its efficient transportation system.

The most common method of moving from one island to another island is by boat. The Maldives 'dhoni' is the most common mode of transportation of the country. The boast ferries people from the airports to the city of Male as well as to the numerous islands and resorts of the country. These boats can be hired for a single trip or for the whole day. The boat services are available for short distances.

For longer distances, one can avail the sea plane or the helicopter taxis. Other means of transportation includes speedboats and launches. Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways has numerous flights to the various resorts of the country and one can also avail these flights to reach the required destination. These methods of transportation make Maldives travel easy and quick.

Inside the city of Male, one can travel by the regular taxis. Since it is a hot and humid country, most of the taxis are air-conditioned and one can travels comfortably inside them. Being a small place, walking is another good way of moving around. One can check out the shopping malls, historical sights and museum by simply walking down the roads of the city.