Maldives Tourist Information

Over the past few years Maldives has emerged as a major tourist destination of the country. More and more people are traveling to this country for a perfect and a grand vacation. But before going on a holiday, it is better that one gets all sorts of Maldives tourist information so that one is well prepared before going on a vacation to this exotic country.

Important Maldives tourist information is as follows:

Maldives has a warm and humid weather with temperatures ranging from 29 to 32 degree Celsius. The sun shines over here practically all through the year.

Since it is a hot and humid country, hence clothing has to be light and comfortable. Light T-shirts and cotton clothes are the best. Women are however expected to wear decent clothing.

The language of the country is Dhivehi. However, travelers will have no problem communicating as English is also spoken extensively over here. Other languages that are spoken here include Italian, French, German and Japanese.

The currency of the country is Rufiyaa and Laaree. The US Dollar is the most commonly used foreign currency of the country. Most hotels and resorts accept payments by cash, traveler's cheque and credit cards. Commonly accepted credit cards include American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club and Euro Card.


Health care facilities are good over here. All the hotels and resorts have in-house doctors. Many of the hotels also have a decompression chamber in case of diving emergency.

Traveling to Maldives is not difficult. There are no prior visa requirements. One can come here by air. Internally one can move from one to another by air or go for a ferry service.

There are numerous hotels and resorts where one can stay when on a visit to this country. Their services are good and the amenities fantastic. Some of the resorts where one can stay include Biyadhoo Island Resort, Cocoa Island Resort, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa , Palm Tree Island and others.

Maldives tourist information helps one to get a fair idea about the country and its policies before leaving for a vacation to this place. It is always advisable that one updates oneself with all these information to avoid facing any trouble.