Maldives Flag

The Maldives Flag has a green colored background, which is surrounded by a bright red panel. The flag has a crescent in the center of the green area. The national flag of Maldives was adopted in the year 1965 on 25th of July.

The flag of Maldives has a distinct history of its own. Originally the country had a plain red flag to which black and white bands were added later on. These stripes were placed in the hoist. Prime Minister Amir Abdul Majid Didi added the green panel and the crescent to the flag in the early part of the present century. Till 1949, the crescent in the flag would point towards the flag's hoist.

Once Maldives became a republic in the year 1953, the country then again restructured their flag. The crescent was turned towards the fly of the flag and this then became the new flag of the country. This continued to be the flag of Maldives till independence in 1965. Three years after independence, the country adopted this as the National Flag of Maldives. The country also has a separate Presidential flag. The Presidential Flag is similar to the national flag. The only difference is that it also has a star beside the crescent.

The National flag of Maldives symbolizes certain aspects about the country. The green area represents the numerous palm trees that one can find over here. It is a symbol of life. The red area represents the blood of the people who sacrificed their lives for the country's independence while the crescent symbolizes Islam, the national religion of the country.

The country also has a separate Prime Minister's Flag. This flag has four equal quarters, which is divided into three colors namely green, red and blue. The order of division is green-red-blue-green. The first quarter also has a white star.

Maldives also has a separate War Flag. The flag is horizontally divided into three colors, which are blue, white and green. This flag is however not much famous.