Maldives Domestic Flights

The best way to travel inside the country of Maldives is by air. Tourists can move from one island to another or from one resort to another by taking a flight.

There are numerous Maldives domestic flights, which one can avail of to move from one part of the country to another part of the country.

The Maldivian Air Taxi and the Trans Maldivian Airways operate the Maldives domestic flights. Air Maldives is the national airlines of the country, which takes the tourist from one place to other. Domestic flights in the country are also operated by Island Aviation Services Limited. The flights take the tourist from Male to all the other hotels and resorts of the country.


The country has numerous domestic airports from where one can board the domestic aircrafts. Some of the major domestic airports are Hanimadhoo Domestic Airport, Gan Domestic Airport, Kaadedhoo Domestic Airport and Kadhdhoo Domestic Airport. Domestic airline also has flights to Male International Airport.


Domestic flights are available throughout the day and one can take any flight to move to other parts of the country. Both expensive and cheap flights are available and one can book tickets on any flight of one's choice. Most of the flights travel from Male to Gan, Hanimadhoo, Kaadedhoo or to Kadhdhoo. A close watch of the relevant websites will enable one to get information about the flight schedule and accordingly book a ticket.

The services offered by the Maldives Domestic Flights are simply superb and excellent and will make traveling inside the country easy for you.