Weather in Maldives

Maldives is blessed with tropical weather condition throughout the year. The favorable warm climate in Maldives makes it the most favored tourist destination round the year.
Climate Information Maldives
The climatic change in Maldives is affected by monsoons. From the month of May to September, it enjoys wet season with balmy winds. An average climatic temperature consistently falls in 22 C to 33 C year round. As it is placed on the equator, it enjoys moderate weather.
An ideal time to reach Maldives is from November to April.
Two monsoons determine the blow of winds and rainfall in Maldives. The southwest monsoon, normally in June and July, brings adequate rainfall and the northeast monsoon from the months of November to April makes Maldives dry with little wind. Sea breezes tend to keep the environment moderate even if it is a hot summer day. The islands' ideal weather condition makes it a paradise fro sundowners, holidaymakers and leisure aficionados.