Tips for Maldives Travelers

Maldives: Maldives is a cluster of 1200 spectacular Robinson Crusoe islands, detached into array of coral atolls. Around 200 of islands amongst these huge scattered islands are inhabited. Maldives is located north of the Equator and enjoys warm tropical weather favorable for outdoor activities and holidays. Male is the capital of the Republic of Maldives and the major languages spoken in the region are Maldivian, English and Dhivehi. The most ideal way of getting into the politically stable country is through air.
Male International Airport located in the capital city is the only getaway to Maldives.
Customs: The Republic of Maldives strictly forbids the import of liquor, drugs, pornographic materials, arms or weapons and idols of worship. Export of coral, crocodile skins and tortoise shell is considered illegal in the country.

Health: Maldives is totally free from Malaria, dengue and yellow fever. If you are visiting from endemic region, certificate of Inoculation is required to enter into the country. If is recommended to take a check up from your local hospital/doctor before traveling so as to confirm medications or preventive step to make your body free from any tropical disease.
Best Time to Travel to Maldives: The best time to reach Maldives is from the months of April to the beginning of November.

Passport and Visa requirements: Travel with your passport to be valid up to your take off date is required to enter in to the republic of Maldives. As per the visa requirement, 30 days visa will be issued when arrived in Maldives. The Department of Immigration and Emigration approves any request for extending tourist's stay up to 90 days, if a person stays in a resort. Without valid authorization if a person is staying more than 60 days, he/she will face heavy tax and transfer to his/her country.