Transport in Maldives

Maldives is not a single island but a cluster of thousands Robinson Crusoe islands. Male International Airport located 2 km northwest of enthralling capital city Male. It is the premier gateway to Maldives. Internal transport service of Maldives is very well maintained with air and ferry service from Male.

Round the click ferry service from the chief international airport take travelers from one island resort to another. Maldives has been considered as the best destination to spend holidays in the lap of nature amidst tropical landscapes. Maldives is a prime sun, sea, sand and surf location for a pleasurable holiday.
The Maldives transport system of Maldives is very strong giving a strong support to tourism in Maldives. A dhoni ferry leaves after every 15 minutes from the airport bulwark to the capital. After midnight a dhoni ferry leaves to Male after every 30 minutes. A dhoni is virtually hand built by craftsmen with strong wooden planks.
Powerboats of different size have changed the face of today's internal transport of Maldives and also geared the tourism in Maldives making it congenial and easy to traveler from one resort or island to another. The speedboat plays an important role, where an international airport is an island al by itself away from other islands. These speedboats are preferred by many at times of cruising and water skiing. To reach Maldives Male International Airport is a prime gateway and further to reach interiors of Maldives or several other island resorts, seaplanes are quick transport option available for travelers.
A scenic transfer by helicopters and seaplanes makes it easy to travel around Maldives. Let 'Tourism in Maldives' be your agent or guide during your visit to Maldives to book chartered flights or speedboat to your favorite holiday destination.