Geography of Maldives

A veritable tropical paradise, Maldives is a massive archipelago that boasts of more than 1190 islands of which only 200 are populated. There are more than 1200 coral islands on enchanting Maldives and each is a delightful paradise of marine treasures.

The geography of Maldives is such that you are treated to some of the most stunning treasures of nature arranged in perfect sync to create mesmerizing landscapes. Picturesque and dreamlike, the geography of Maldives consists of sandy soil interspersed with fertile tracts covered with fruit trees such as bananas, oranges and pineapples.
Islands of Maldives
The coral islands of Maldives are made of live corals and exotic sand bars. Feel ensconced in the midst of palm and breadfruit trees, relax on soft white sands and soak in the tropical sun as you holiday in beautiful Maldives.
Wild flowers in all colors compliment the enchanting landscape of serene Maldives that is located towards the South east of Sri Lanka on the Indian Ocean. About 88 islands on scenic Maldives are exclusive sea resorts. Most of the atolls in Maldives are ring shaped coral masses that enclose stunning beach country within their golden embrace.

You are likely to experience a dry season or the rainy season on your tours to Maldives depending upon the time of the year you choose for your Maldives sojourn.
Feel the constant sea breeze that caresses the soft Maldives sands and be a part of a calm world that offers you a peaceful sanctum away from the regular city bustle.

The tropical islands of Maldives are drenched in rain showers during the months of June to August and the climate is generally pleasant and humid.
So come and explore the treasures of coral islands as you visit the enchanting attractions of sun soaked Maldives.