Cuisine in Maldives

Cuisine in Maldives opens up a world of mouthwatering options that range from seafood delights to vegetarian wonders. Tours to sunny Maldives offers you the perfect opportunity to sink your teeth into juicy seafood prepared with traditional recipes while you relax on a heavenly sea beach engaged in a private tête-à-tête with nature.
Maldives Food
Gorge on oriental buffets and curries in maldives food that are prepared with age-old local recipes and are on sale at almost all beach shacks and local eating joints.
Cuisine in Maldives wake your dormant taste buds with exotic flavors that range from mild, spicy, hot to sweet. Preparations of fish and exotic seafood concoctions are of course an integral part of Maldivian cuisine. Trevallies, baracuda and tuna are commonly cooked fishes that are served with a variety of curries. Try local wines and Western beverages that are served with local food delights that are a gastronomes delight.
Cuisine in Maldives is influenced by Sri Lankan and Indian cooking styles, though you are bound to notice the characteristic local flavor while you whet your appetite with Maldivian cuisine as you holiday in romantic Maldives.

Try delightful local desserts with tropical fruits that form the main ingredients. Enjoy the Maldives food while you holiday in this tropical land located on the massive Indian Ocean.