Wildlife in Maldives

Maldives with its beautiful coral islands, sandy beaches, blue waters and tranquil atmosphere, is home to a number of wild animals. Wildlife in Maldives is truly fantastic as one gets to see different kinds of animals, birds and insects over here.

Maldives has numerous trees and forests, which is home to different species of animals and birds. The country and its government takes special measures to conserve and protect its rich wildlife and greenery. The rain forests found here are home to numerous animals and birds.

One can find numerous bats in the country. Fruit-bats are common in Maldives. They are active in the day and are huge. One can also find numerous lizards in the country. Rats are common in the country. Domestic animals commonly found in the country include cats, chickens, goats and rabbits.

The most amazing wildlife is found under the waters of the sea. Marine life is exotic in this country. One can find different species of crabs, fishes and other sea creatures in the waters surrounding the island. One can find different types of tropical fishes over here, which includes butterfly fish, angelfish, parrotfish, rock cod, unicorn fish, trumpet fish, blue-stripe snapper, Moorish idols, oriental sweet lips and other varieties. Amongst the bigger fishes that one gets to see over here includes sharks, stingrays, manta rays and dolphins. One can also find turtles and tortoises over here. Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales and Melon-headed Whales are extremely common over here.

Crabs are extremely common in Maldives. One can find different varieties of crabs walking on the sandy beaches of the islands. Hermit crabs are extremely common over here

One can find different types of birds in Maldives. Herons, Cranes, seagulls and other varieties of birds can be seen in the islands. The islands are frequented by nature lovers, who like to see the wildlife or go bird watching over here. Other creatures that one gets to see in this island include snakes, eels, colorful lizards and others.

The government takes all the measures to conserve and protect the wildlife of the country so as to prevent ecological imbalance. Maldives wildlife is a major attraction for the tourists especially the children. The bio diversity of the country is simply amazing and adds to its beauty