Seaplane Tours Maldives

A country composed of numerous coral islands, Maldives is home to a number of exotic sandy and sunny beaches and beautiful landscapes. One can travel to the numerous islands either by boats or go for a seaplane tour.

Seaplane tours in Maldives are the one of the bets ways to see the entire country. These types of tours are particularly suitable for people who suffer from seasickness and hence cannot afford to spend long hours on boats and vessels. There are numerous seaplanes that take the travelers for a trip across, the country. These tours offer a panoramic view of the country from above, which is simply amazing and fantastic.

The various seaplanes take the tourists to the atolls. The travel time is much faster compared to that one a speedboat. One can also travel in a leisurely and comfortable manner in these tours. One can board these planes from the Male International Airport from where the aircraft will take you to your chosen island resort. The seaplanes can accommodate around 20 passengers at one time only. The journey is filled with fun and excitement.

The view offered by these planes is simply fantastic. One can the islands surrounded by the azure waters of the blue sea. You can see the yachts and boats sailing on the sea or see the beautiful trees dotting the sandy white beaches of the islands.

Seaplane tours Maldives will either have hopping flights the aircraft landing in almost all the islands or it can also be a direct flight. One can travel to Hulhule Islands or the Reethi Ra Islands in these tours. There are numerous seaplane tour operators who organize such holidays. Usually, these tours come in combination with holiday packages offered by the numerous resorts and hotels of the country.

The seaplane tours in Maldives are a unique feature of the country and the best method to take a complete tour of the country.