Maldives Sports

Travelers coming to Maldives for a vacation can take part in a number of sports activities. Maldives provides the tourists with a wide range of activity options to make their vacation exciting and enjoyable. By participating in the Maldives sports activities one can indeed have a great time on their vacation.

The resorts and hotels in the country offer extensive recreation options, which will keep the tourist, engaged during their stay in these hotels. Tourists can go for land sports as well as water sports based upon their interests and choices.

Beach Volley ball is a popular sport of the country. Most of the resorts have faci8ilities for beach volleyball and the tourists can go for the same. One can also play Badminton and Tennis in Maldives. Most of the resorts and the hotels have a badminton and tennis court where one can practice their shots or juts play the game.

'Bai Bala' is a Maldivian game that one can participate in. It's a local game. Tournaments and competitions are often organized and one can choose to participate in these competitions. Other outdoor games that one can go for includes Cricket and soccer. Soccer is extremely popular in the country. A large number of matches are regularly organized, especially in Male and one can check out these tournaments

There are numerous indoor sports that one can go for. The various indoor games that one can play include Billiards, Chess, Table Tennis, Carom, Darts, Basketball and others. Carom is a favorite sport amongst the locals. The tourists can also go for a number of water sports also for extra fun and adventure. Popular waters sports that one can go for include windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, sailing and diving. Diving is extremely popular and there a large number of dive schools which offer training in diving.

Maldives beach sports are both exciting and entertaining. One can participate in these activities, which provides hours of entertainment and enjoyment.