Maldives Fishing

The blue waters of the sea teeming with marine life allow one to go for fishing in Maldives. Fishing is a major activity of the country and is also an important industry. Hence, tourists coming over here for a vacation can bring their fishing rods and embark on this adventure and fun filled activity when on a vacation to this country.

Fishing is one of the major industries of the country's economy. In fact, fishing is the main occupation of most of the people of the country. The government has taken a number of steps to develop this sector, like setting up of the Fisheries Advisory Board in 1979.

Fishing in Maldives is filled with fun and excitement. Tourists can take a 'dhoni' and go to the numerous fishing spots, or simply sit on the beach and see the fishermen take their boats to the middle of the Indian Ocean and come back wit the catch of the day. Both mechanized vessels as well as the traditional fishing boats are used in fishing.

The best time to go for fishing is during the early hours of the morning. The weather id good and one can expect a good catch at this time of the day. Tourists can also go for night fishing. This type of fishing is extremely popular amongst the tourists, especially those interested in extra adventure.

One can find different varieties if fishes in the waters of Maldives. The most common varieties that are available include little tuna, dolphin fish, rainbow runner, jack, trevally and barracuda. Night fishing is suitable for special varieties of fish like groupers, snappers, emperors, jacks, squirrel fish and other types of reef fishes.

Monsoons are the best time to go for fishing in Maldives. The Hulhangu Season and the Iruvai season are the bets time when one can expect a good catch. The fishing season usually ranges from mid-June to July.

Most of the resorts have facilities for fishing. One can go for game fishing when on a holiday top this country. The resorts provide speedboats, international fishing rods to the tourists. There is also a well-trained and experienced staff to assist the travelers on this activity. Thus one need not be an expert in fishing. The trained people will help you in this adventure activity and make sure that you have a great time.

Embarking on Maldives fishing is a great way to spend your vacation. This adventure activity will surly keep you engaged and thus prevent you from getting bored on your vacation.