Maldives Children Activities

Maldives is a great place for children and kids. The country offers extensive recreation and activity options exclusively meant for the children. The young tourists can have a great time taking part in the children's activities.

The Maldives children activities mainly consist of beach activities. Parents can take their children to the sandy beaches and play with them. Building sandcastles is one of the most favorite activities among the younger generation. You can take a bucket and spade and build a 'dribble castle' with your child. One can also go for the regular sand castle building for extra fun and enjoyment.

Hermit Crab racing is another fun activity meant for the children. Hermit crabs are placed inside a huge circle and are made to race to the outer end of the circle. This is very popular among both the young and the old.

Coconut Boat Regattas are another popular activity for children in Maldives. In fact, the whole family takes part in this game. A half coconut shell is used as the boat and a twig acts as the mast. The coconut boats are sailed in the shallow waters of the lagoon. One can conduct boat races or simply enjoy watching these unique boats sail on the blue waters. Banana Boat rides are also extremely common over here. These boats are available in almost all the resorts. The children can sail on these slippery and bouncy boat and have a great time. However, it is strictly recommended for people who know how to swim.

Fishing is another children's activity in Maldives. Parents and professionals can guide and assist the children in this activity. It ensures lots of fun and excitement for the children. Maldives children games also include Frisbee. This is a popular and a fun filled game amongst the children. The beach serves as the perfect spot for such games and activities.

Maldives children activities are extremely famous and popular. They keep the younger generation busy and provide them with hours of entertainment thereby making their vacation an enjoyable experience.