Things to do in Maldives

A vacation to Maldives is filled with fun, adventure and excitement. One can embark upon a number of activities while coming on a holiday to this country. There are a number of things to do in Maldives, which will make your vacation thrilling and exciting.


The country is particularly known for its water based activity options. The presence of numerous beaches and a beautiful shoreline allows one to go for a number of water sports and other water based activities.

Water Sports

The most popular activity that one can go for includes sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and fishing. The coral islands are simply perfect to go for such adventure tours in Maldives. Most of the resorts have facilities that allow tourists to go for such activities.


Apart from these, one can also go for sight seeing in Maldives. There are a number of monuments and other historical buildings and parks where one can pay a visit. The most common places that one can pay a visit to includes the Sultan Park, National Museum, Hukuru Miski, National Museum and others,


Tourists coming for a vacation to this exotic country can also go for cruises. There are a number of cruise liners, which take the tourists for a cruise around the islands. One can travel to Hulhule Islands or go for a cruise to the Utheem Island. These cruise are filled with fun and excitement. One gets to see the marine life or go for scuba diving and snorkeling in these cruise.


Shopping is another major pass time in Maldives. One can check out the numerous shops and handicrafts stalls from where one can buy gifts and souvenirs.

The country has a fairly good nightlife also. One can check out the bars for a drink. Some of the hotels also have discos where one can dance to the tune of their favorite numbers. Besides these, there are various other things and activities that one can go for when on a holiday to Maldives, like going for wildlife tours, island hopping and others.

A Wedding in Maldives is an experience worth remembering. The innumerable activity options will surely make your stay over here a remarkable one. To know more about the things to do in Maldives, one can try the following links: