Submarine Diving in Maldives

Maldives covers all the aspect of heavenly holiday. The beautiful tropical weather, tourist attractions and underwater world, all of these are important factor in boosting the tourism in Maldives, a complete family destination. Maldives is favored for its profuse and unique underwater wonder. Over the years, Maldives has topped the best holiday destination chart. With the highest underwater visibility and warm turquoise water, Maldives is considered as paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling.
A new dimension has added to the adventure in underwater kingdom with the German Whale Submarine. Don't disheartened yourself if your have no experience in diving, you can still witness the fascinating world of coral reefs and fishes with your kith and kin. Experience the enrapturing journey inside the water and spot whale shark, giant gruoper, reef sharks, turtles and many other varieties colorful fishes. The Whale Submarine, masterminded by Germans, is the largest deep diving submarine with the capacity of taking 50 passengers at one go descending up to 150 meters deep.
These submarines are fully air-conditioned with trained staff and suffice food and water supply. On a first trip down under the water, it will take you 25 meters deep. An enthralling view at wreck sites and various colorful fishes spinning and playing are enough to pump up the beat.

The journey through the Whale Submarine holds a 100 percent safety track record. It is the best way to examine fascinating marine life without even getting wet. For novices or beginners in diving, the whale submarine is an ideal option for night diving in Maldives.
Some of the fascinating marine creatures cannot be seen during daytime and always come at appear at night. To view these night marine species and to watch manta rays, whale sharks and various other fishes in their sleep, night submarine diving is perfect option. Submarine diving in Maldives has given hope to non-divers to greet marine species. Submarine diving is an opportunity to experience the thunder of water. Don't miss this adventurous experience during your gateway to Maldives.