Maldives Shark Watch Program

Maldives SHARK WATCH Program, organized by the Tourism Ministry of Maldives, is to awake every soul and mind on the importance of sharks and the responsibility toward protecting such endangered species. The Shark Watch program in Maldives targets its audiences and tells about general sharks species and also sighting information. Sighting cards gives adequate information about shark species.

The water current in diving locations in Maldives transfers nutrients to marine life and attracts life.
Maldives boasts of myriad coral reefs and affluent marine life. 'Patrollers' is considered as one of the friendliest species of shark in Maldives. With a total of 37 species, tourists visiting Maldives spot sharks from their hotel room overlooking the crystalline water of Indian Ocean. To restrict the harm to shark species, the government of Maldives has taken several strict steps to shield shark populations. No shark fishing area in the seven atolls and protected marine areas are few steps toward protecting and sustaining shark populations. Today there are 25 protected marine areas.
The logo of the Maldives Shark Watch Program was established on October 2002. After the formulation of program, the Tourism Ministry is promoting the program and creating awareness.

Maldives Shark Watch Program aims to project Maldives as a shark friendly destination and to lessen the exploitation of shark species. The program was formed with the objective of creating awareness among the people about the shark species and to reduce harm to these species.
The program was formed by the ministry of Tourism in cooperation with Maldives Tourism Promotion Board, Marine Research Center, Dive Centers, Tourist resorts, International Dive Associations in Industry and media.