Fishing in Maldives

With sun-soaked sparkling beaches in Maldives, crystalline turquoise water, tropical weather, palm beach fishing, resorts fishing, scuba fishing, resort fishing, hand crafted dhoni and quaint atmosphere makes fishing in Maldives a famous recreational activity not only among the locals but also travelers entering the Republic of Maldives. Fishing in Maldives is one of the means of livelihood for Maldivians and is the strong pillar of the country's economy.
Affluent aquatic species including tuna, groupers, dolphin fish, barracuda, emperors, rainbow runner, trevally, squirrelfish and various other vibrant fishes make Maldives one of the best place for fishing. Grab your fishing rod and prepare yourself for Maldives fishing. Various islands in Maldives offer enamoring sites for fishing aficionados.
Resorts in Maldives provide dhoni or speedboat and fishing equipments to guests to experience Maldives fishing. The fishing generally ends in barbeque dinner beneath the star-studded sky.

Fishing in Maldives provides a sizeable proportion of the gross domestic product and job opportunities for the vast majority of the island population."Fishing is the lifeblood of our nation it is inborn. From the soil on which we live, to the sea around us, it remains an integral part of our existence."

Big game fishing in Maldives
Big game fishing in Maldives depends on the weather condition and fishing location. To catch big game like sailfish, marlin, barracuda, yellowfish tuna, wahoo, swordfish and many other big fishes, outside the atoll morning time is suitable for fishing. Hire speedboat and latest fishing equipments from the resort or dive school in Maldives. Before going for big game fishing acquired information about protected marine areas and best fishing areas.

Night Fishing in Maldives
Night fishing in Maldives is the most famous type of fishing. You can catch snappers, emperors, barracuda, squirrel fish and jacks during night fishing. Amidst the sparkling breathtaking view, night fishing is a treat for fishing buffs. The government of Maldives strictly prohibits hunting of whales and dolphins and the use of harpoon guns. Though, fishing does not require expertise but one should be aware of the fishing norms in Maldives. During night fishing enjoy the rhythmic music of waves and gentle breeze amidst nature's splendor. Most of the resorts in Maldives organize night fishing and big game fishing trips for fishing aficionados.