Water Current in Diving Locations in Maldives

Current is an underwater feature, which makes scuba diving in Maldives even more exciting and adventurous. There are few diving sites where you can experience strong tidal current action. A tidal current transfers nutrients to marine life and intensifies the variety of underwater worlds at the dive site. But on contrary, current poses challenge to diver making diving difficult as a diver can always face a danger to be swept away by strong current flow.

Current will always remain a chief factor in scuba diving. A diver dives into the crystalline water of the sea and descends about 80 to 100 feet. Through scuba diving, diver went up close to vibrant marine life. A strong current flow proves to be an ideal place to dive because of abundance of aquatic life.

There are many PADI certified dive schools in Maldives, which takes divers to their secret unspoilt dive site with highest concentration and variety of fish and other aquatic creatures. Water current in diving location in Maldives can sometimes proves challenging to divers, making it difficult to continue with diving.

Banana Reef in North Male Atoll is an extremely alluring dive site in Maldives with strong current action. The water currents are seasonal phenomena in Maldives. For beginners, the Maldives is not a favorable place to dive in the months of December to March, because of the strong and unpredictable water currents. Sharks, eagle rays, manta rays and many other big aquatic creatures are found where there is strong water current.


Many resorts in Maldives have their own trainers and provide diving equipments. If you know how to move with the flow or to ride a flow, you probably are going to encounter with best of aquatic life. For trained divers Maldives is a best place to dive in the months of December to April. The current action inside the atolls is calmer than in channels near Male, which has been recorded at four knots. The height of the tide and direction of wind blowing determines the flow of tidal current.