Underwater Photography

Maldives is undoubtedly and unanimously a great destination for ocean lovers. Scuba diving in Maldives is an enrapturing adventure experience. To cherish your marine adventure capture your underwater moments in camera. Some of the best site with highest concentration of affluent and colorful aquatic life can only be found in Maldives. So pack your belongings and cameras and fly to Maldives to unfold underwater wonders.

Many resorts in Maldives have dive schools offering cameras and video cameras on rent to tourists. These dive schools will take you to the best dive sites in Maldives to click underwater images. Heavy and unpredictable current flowing in the water may sometime ruin your underwater photography adventure. It becomes difficult hold the camera still with high pressure current flowing. The thilas in the atolls are rich with vibrant small and big fishes and coral gardens, giving you ample opportunity to capture underwater paradise.

Before underwater photography tour, gain some knowledge of photography and major factors for clicking or shooting good images. You should be aware of depth of field, optical lenses and shutter speed in photography. 28 mm and 35 mm lenses are suitable to capture images of big fishes underwater in the channels. 20 mm lens is required when you are shooting close ups of aquatic species. Micro lenses or additional lenses are required to shoot micro marine species hiding against coral reefs.

Balance is a most important part in underwater photography. While on your underwater photography adventure, hold your camera still to shoot some sharp images otherwise images captured in your underwater camera will be blurred. It is advisable to shoot from the bottom of the reef.