Protected Areas

Over the years, Maldives has been rated first in the list of ocean aficionados. Strict action and steps are taken to protect the well-kept secret of Maldives. In order obviate the exploitation of marine treasure trove of the country in 1995 Protected Marine Areas came into effect. Initiation was required to fully guard the natural reserve of Maldives from excessive fishing, garbage dumping and coral mining. Buying and selling of tortoise shells and products made of turtle shells are illegal in Maldives to protect this endangered species from the verge of extinction.

On 5th of June 1995, fifteen protected marine areas were established in order to shelter marine life from coral mining, anchor damage and various other hazardous activities. The protected marine areas were established when there was steep decline of shark fishes because of over shark fining. Today, there exists less number of shark fishes than it was present earlier. The Government of Maldives to protect the diving industry and natural reserve step forward to get rid of over fishing.

Several divers reach Maldives for scuba diving and underwater photography. And some captures fishes and are taken to tanks and resulted in decline of number of marine species. There were fifteen protected zones since June 1995 and now it has been increased to 25 protected marine areas. Ten more protected sites were included in the list of Protected Marine Areas in Maldives since 1999.

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