Night Diving in Maldives

Night diving in Maldives is an experience to be cherished forever. Maldives welcomes avid divers on a night diving safari. Maldives boasts of its abundance of rich and colorful marine species. It concentrates over 700 species of fishes and other aquatic life. Mantas, nudibranchs, clown triggerfish, leaf fish, grey reefs sharks and saddled putterfish are some of the species in abundance to be explored during night scuba diving in Maldives.

Most of the resorts in Maldives offer opportunity to divers to discover the underwater world during night. These resorts have trained trainers and cutting edge diving equipments provided to tourists on rental basis to explore the marine life in dark. Dive Schools understand the enthusiasm of divers and take them on night diving safari, when the coral water of the sea sparkled with moonlight. Night diving in Maldives introduces you to a whole new world of underwater. There are several fascinating species, which you might not be able to spot at daylight and to explore and greet such marine species, night diving are mostly preferred by avid and advanced divers.

The ultimate sites for diving are around the reefs of the atolls, where there are plenty of vibrant marine species. The submerged reefs, thilas, in the center of channel are unspoiled best dive sites. Maayaa Thila, Nassimo Thila, Fotteyo, Kuda Thila and Kandooma Thila are few sites with high concentration of big fishes. Mushimashmingli is quite famous for grey reef sharks. Rasdhoo-Madivaru located to the north of Ari atoll offers solitary environment to enjoy deep diving and to search hammerhead sharks. Dhoni, a hand-built boat by craftmen with strong wooden planks are used to take tourist to the dive site.

For novice or beginner divers night diving is not favorable. For advanced divers, night diving in Maldives a step forward to examine the mystery of marine life in night. The most important factor to be considered during night diving is visibility.The underwater visibility reduces as the night embraces darkness and leaves you only with torch light. Night divers need to take extremely cautious step so that you won't bump into a shark making your diving scary and threatening.