Diving Wrecks in Maldives

Maldives with its magnificent diving sites offer paradise to earnest divers. With innumerable dive sites filled with colorful fishes and coral reefs, Maldives always entice tourists from around the world to experience the underwater world and see all the action going on. Scuba Diving in Maldives is an amazing experience undertaken by divers. Diving wrecks in Maldives is another area opened to divers to actually go closer to fishes.

Let the spirit of enthusiasm and excitement overwhelm your soul and mind. The Fesdhoo wreck and the Victory wreck are two fine sites for wreck diving. The Fesdhoo wreck is located to the central of Ari Atoll. The Halaveli is the most famous wreck diving site in Maldives. To reach the wreck for wreck diving hand built dhonis are used. Those people who have little tilt toward the historical nature of places can visit these wrecks attached with historical background with due permission from the government. Wreck diving is not as famous as reef diving but holds distinct position in the diving industry.

Most of the wrecks for diving are located outer side of the atolls. British Royalty sank in the Indian Ocean in Addu Atoll during the second world ware and Liffey in Dhaalu Atoll are some of the few names of dive wrecks. The Victory in Maldives is around 88 m long and provides good underwater visibility. It is advisable to be accompanied by guide while reach wreck diving sites. Spot corals inside the wreck, Kubary Nembrotha nudibranch on to the deck and scorpionfish and honeycomb spinning around the wreck.


With the help of the anchor descend in to the water and examine marine species playing in the wreck. Banana Reef is another dive site for divers to explore myriad aquatic species from honeycomb moray eels, bannerfish, mantis shrimps and turtles. These wrecks down under the water provides shelter to corals and many marine species. Prepare yourself to see the best of the underwater world during your wreck diving.

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