Diving Safety

Maldives specializes in Water sport activities.Scuba diving in Maldives has been considered as the major tourist attraction and intensifies tourism in Maldives. Drift diving is the most frequent diving type in the country of islands. It is fun and exciting if safety precautions are taken along with scuba diving.

A diver always faces challenge and danger when there is strong current present in the water. Hence, it is advisable to dive with utmost care when it is heavy tidal current. Diving with incoming water current is always considered safer than outgoing current. Heavy outgoing current from the atoll may sweep away divers. For novices, it is recommended to dive with incoming current to ensure diving safety and good visibility. Any advanced and intermediate diver diving with strong current flowing out of the atoll should stick to the reef as close as possible to the outer corners and then slowly swim away from the main current flowing site.

A diver should follow diving safety steps given below.

# Attend all the classes before actually stepping inside the world of water.
# Before diving in a thila or kandu, one must check and recheck all the dive equipments to ensure standard of safety.
# Know local weather before diving.
# Never dive without your trainer and without fellow divers. Follow all the instructions given to you by your professional trainer.

# When there is heavy or strong current flowing, try to stick to the reef away from the main current point.
# Take extra underwater torch with you to support visibility while diving.
# Do not descend deeper than 30 meters and indulge in no-decompression diving.