Tourism in Maldives

Brilliant underwater corals and tropical wonders greet you in a relaxed land dotted with exotic beaches and picturesque water lagoons.

Enjoy melodious Bodu Beru, maldive resorts, villas maldives, hotels in the maldives, maldive resorts, water villas maldives and Bandiyaa Jehun performances as you explore the enchanting tourist attractions of picture postcard Maldives. Delightfully crafted stones and corals make the perfect presents for your near and dear ones. Shop for hand woven mats and watch locals building local dhonis or fishing boats as you explore the wonders of Maldives with Tourism in Maldives.
Holidays in Maldives
Spend a relaxing spa holiday in sunny Maldives and be mesmerized with stretches of naturally formed atolls alive with marine activity. There are 26 natural atolls in Maldives islands that complement pristine pure beaches and aquamarine lagoons.
Enjoy the treasures of Banana reef; see the markets and mosques of Male, maldives accommodation, Maldives islands, the capital of Maldives and enjoy the vistas at Addu atoll with Tourism in Maldives. The coral islands of enchanting Maldives are akin to glittering jewels afloat the turquoise Indian Ocean. Date sea birds and abundant marine treasures, maldive island resorts scuba dive, snorkel and swim while you celebrate tropical Maldives. maldives honeymoons in style on pure white beaches fringed generously with dancing palms and tropical island trees. Tourism in Maldives is developing on a very large scale.
By virtue of being a quite paradise, Maldives islands attracts peace seekers and honeymooners to come and enjoy togetherness with its unmatched locales acting as the perfect chaperone for a perfect holiday in maldives.

1190 islands clustered like brilliant diamonds on the vast Indian Ocean form the grand Maldives. Enjoy water sports and be a part of the Maldives islands spirit marked by revelry and happy enthusiasm. Of the 1190, only 202 islands are inhabited. Find out more on tours to Maldives by visiting the web links mentioned below: