Seenu Atoll

Seenu Atoll or Addu Atoll, 478 km south of Male, is the southernmost atoll of the country and is second populous city after Male. Hithadhoo is the atoll capital. With a total number of 23 isles, Seenu has only 6 inhabited isles. Seenu atoll has excellent turquoise lagoons, superb coral reefs, profuse aquatic life and palm fringed sun-kissed beaches. While chasing your dream to be in a paradise and encountering breathing life beneath the deep blue sea, visit Addu atoll or Seenu Atoll.
Atoll has many resorts and dive schools taking tourists on diving safaris. These dive schools also offer rental equipments. PADI certified courses are offered to tourists to learn in and out of scuba diving.
Seenu Atoll has a circular shape forms a brilliant lagoon offering around 25 dive spots. Most of the dive sites are located at the outer reef.

Kuda Kandu Corner, Kuda Hohola and Umarus Plave are some of the exotic dive sites. Gan Inside is perfect for novices to learn diving as there is no water current and the place is perfectly safe for diving.

Demon Point is suitable for advanced divers to try drift diving. Spot mantas in large quantity at demon point. Sight napoleon wrasse, gray reef sharks and white tip reef sharks during drift diving in Makunda and Muduka. Underwater photography is a best way to capture exhilarating moments beneath the deep blue sea. Enjoy wall dives in Kuda Hohola.

British Loyalty wreck dive will add a new dimension to your Seenu atoll diving. British Royalty, a 140m long ship sank in 1944, lying at 34 meters deep houses varied colorful aquatic life. Gulda Lamago, with brilliant overhangs and caves is a home to green turtles, lobsters, eagle rays, manta rays and sharks.