Diving Schools in Maldives

If you are entering the Republic of Maldives and doesn't know how to dive, you don't have to worry a bit as there are several diving schools in Maldives endeavoring to make your visit to Maldives more thrilling and full of adventure. Scuba diving in Maldives is the most heart beating water sports recreational activity. Experiencing the fascinating species hidden under the coral garden is a must have experience during gateway to Maldives. Resorts in Maldives have dive schools offering beginners diving lessons and several other advanced and specialized diving courses. Depending on the location and size of the resort.

These diving schools provide dive equipments and various facilities to travelers. Equipments, facilities and trainers differ from one resort's dive school to another. Dive schools provide dhonis fitted with tanks, compressors, masks, wetsuits, snorkels, fins, diving knives, BCD, regulators with octopus, drysuits and various other dive equipments. The lagoon with the depth of water till waist provides an ideal head start for novices. These diving schools also offers surfing and water skiing courses and equipments to travelers.

Every dive schools in Maldives have their own special diving sites where they took divers to explore the underneath world of water. A diving instructor of the dive school offers guidelines to divers. Different diving courses are offered to women, men and kids. All dive equipments are checked and rechecked periodically to ensure the reliability and standard of safety. PADI certified courses are offered to novices to train in the field of scuba diving. Most of the dive schools undertake French, Italian, English, Japanese and various other European languages as the medium of instruction. It is recommended to check the language of instruction.


Few dive schools offers underwater camera and video cameras on rental basis to capture underwater images. Dive schools also offers night diving course to advanced divers. Depending on the size and location, dive schools offers air-conditioned classrooms and storage space for your dive equipments. Few dive schools also offer dive shops from where you can hire or buy diving equipments.