Scuba Diving in Maldives

Maldives is fast gaining a reputation of most popular scuba diving holiday destination. Endowed with innumerous marine species and dive locations, scuba diving in Maldives is always fun-packed.

Majority of tourist entering Maldives come with a dream of enjoying underwater adventure. The underwater world pulsating with life beckons diving aficionados to explore and greet aquatic species. Scuba diving in Maldives is the most important leisure and water sports adventure activity.

Most of the resorts in Maldives have their own house of reef pulsating with colorful and vibrant life. Mostly, all the resorts operate their own dive schools offering scuba diving lessons to guests or tourists. These dive schools provide beginners, advanced and many specialized diving lessons. You don't have to buy your own dive equipments as these water sports centers provide rental equipments. On requests, several wreck diving and night diving safaris are arranged with an expert diving instructor along with the requisite safety precautions.

Maldives scuba diving adventure will take you closer to underwater kingdom filled with gray reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, dolphins, tunas, mantas, snappers, groupers, parrotfish, napoleon wrasses, surgeonfish, eels, turtles, octopus, lobsters and many other species of fishes and invertebrates. Water current in diving locations transfers required nutrients for nourishing life inside the deep blue water and results in increasing the aquatic life. You will find high concentration of marine specie at a place where the tidal current is high.


Maldives scuba diving offers a great package of unlimited adventure and pleasure. Deep inside the crystalline turquoise water encapsulate your delightful and adventurous moments in underwater camera. For recording undersea images, there are many resorts offering cameras and other underwater photography equipments on rent basis. Capture the colorful snappers, barracuda, batfish, harlequin swetlips and trevally jacks parading the reefs. The aquatic life found in caves, crevices, sandbanks and overhangs festooned with soft colorful corals are always enrapturing.

Maldives is endowed with innumerous popular dive locations like Maldives Victory wreck, Banana reef, Mayaa Thila, Kuda Haa, Rasfari, HP Reef, Aquarium, Lion's Head and many other dive sites. There are 25 marine protected areas announced by the Government of Maldives to protect the underwater species from exploitation. Scuba diving is a perfect way to explore the colorful and fascinating mysterious world beneath the deep blue water.

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