Okabe Thila

Okabe Thila in Maldives is one of the exciting highlights located inside the Bodu Kalhi Channel in the North Male Atoll. With an average visibility of 15 meters, the dive spot comprises of two parts- the main reef of 200m of circumference and the thila rising around 75 meters. The main reef in the dive spot with an average depth of 10 meters attracts manta rays to its coral gardens. A submerged coral rock broken apart to form a canyon decked up with beautiful delicate corals in between the two dive parts i.e. the thila and the reef.
Watch fusiliers playing in the canyon when the water current flows into it.
Okabe Thila in Maldives is most visited to sight a family of napoleon wrasses.
Watch the schooling of barracudas, jacks, oriental sweetlips and batfish. Witness sharks, tunas and big eye trevallies catching their prey. Many reef sharks are found hovering in the shallow reef area. Okabe thila often subjects to strong water current making it difficult for novices to dive. With an average depth of 25 meters, the dive site offers fine place to explore the underwater flora and fauna.