Nassimo Thila

Nassimo Thila is located to the southeastern side of North Male Atoll. Wedged between the islands of Furana and Lankanfinolhu in the Bodu Kalhi Channel, Nassimo Thila in Maldives has array of peaks off the reef to the northeast region. Various caves and overhangs are located to the east side of reef filled with soft corals and colorful aquatic species. With a top of the reef at 9 meters, the eastern side of the reef is subjected to mild tidal currents.
Nassimo Thila in Maldives has been rated as good dive spot with profuse coral formation, wide spectrum of colorful fishes and an average visibility of 20-30 meters. The overhangs are covered with superb delicate corals and sponges. Caves are lusciously decked up with sea fans and colorful corals.
Scuba diving is a perfect way to unfold the mystery of the realm of underwater. The reef resides big divers-friendly napoleon wrasse. Big eye trevallies, sharks and tunas are found commonly swimming in the reef. Watch the schooling of snappers and soldier fish. Nassimo Thila houses innumerable varieties of aquatic species in varying sizes, shapes and colors like gray reef sharks, white tip sharks, manta rays, fusiliers, jack fish, oriental sweetlips, squirrel fishes, fairy basslets, turtle, butterfly fish and scorpionfish.