Middle Point

Middle Point or Shark Point to the southeastern side of North Male Atoll is located in the middle of the Tamburudhu Channel. Being an idyllic place to try your hands in drift diving, Middle Point beckons adventure enthusiasts to taste the real thundering experience. Scuba diving here offers an average underwater visibility of 20-40 meters. Several overhangs offer homes to large groupers in considerable number.
With abundant of marine life and brilliant soft corals, the Middle Point offers an amazing diving opportunity to divers.
When the tidal current flowing is strongest in the region, it attracts numerous large pelagic life like gray reef sharks and white tip sharks to the front tip of the reef. Swim with eagle rays, tunas and barracudas in the surface of the reef. As you descend further down the deep blue sea, explore the hidden underwater treasure. North Male Atoll has many prolific dive sites and Middle Point or Shark Point is among the best shark sighting sites.