Meemu Atoll

Meemu Atoll also known as Mulako Atoll is situated in between 3° 11' N and 2° 45' N latitude. With a total of 33 islands, Meemu Atoll in Maldives has 9 inhabited islands. Located to the southern side of Vaavu Atoll, Meemu Atoll has two attractive resorts offering bouquet of luxury accommodation, fine dining and excellent recreational activities. Muli is the atoll capital.

Meemu Atoll in Maldives has recently been opened for tourism.
For a relaxed diving pleasure, Mulako atoll is an idyllic place. With the length of 47 km and width of 30 km, the atoll has the population around 5000 inhabitants. Medhufushi Island Resort and Hakuraa Island Resort in the atoll organizes various snorkeling and scuba diving safari to the eastern region of the atoll.
Mulaku Kandu is one of the ideal locations to unfold the underwater mystery. The channel is covered with coral formation and rich aquatic species. The resorts have professional instructors who know all about the local areas and best unspoiled dive locations. The Ravestein wreck is good for diving as the shipwreck resides several fascinating species of fishes. The Ranvila wreck lies at a depth of 35 m housing various colorful aquatic species playing around.