Mayaa Thila

Mayaa Thila is among the well-known dive sites in Maldives located in North Ari Atoll, 3 km northwest side of Maayafushi Resort. Mayaa Thila comes under a list of protected Marine Area in Maldives. The outer surface of the thila is at 8 meters. Mayaa thila has a greatest congregation of marine species like gray reef sharks, white tip sharks, frogfish, stonefish, batfish and zebra morays. The edge of Mayaa thila characterized by immense overhang covered with brilliant orange Tubastrea corals.
Explore a rock in the shape of a large satellite on the edge of the thila. Gray reef sharks hovering in between the thila and the huge satellite rock.
Mayaa Thila in Maldives has an average visibility of 20 meters and depth at 15 meters. A small satellite shaped rock on to the south of the thila is an ideal site for night scuba diving. Caves, crevices and overhangs are covered with impressive coral formations. Triggerfish, angelfish, dogtooth tuna, fusilier, turtles, jacks and anglerfish dancing on the rhythm of water current will make your diving safari delightful. With a diameter of 80 meters, the thila can be covered in one dive only. Mayaa Thila in Maldives resides attractive number of white tip reef shark patrolling the reef.