Maldives Victory

Maldives Victory wreck lies at a depth of 35 meters on the western side of Hulhule Airport Island. It was in 13 February 1981, the 110 meters long vessel cruising at top speed sank deep inside the deep blue sea near the Hulhule Island. The cargo ship has bolt upright with its mast intact. Maldives Victory wreck is the must dive location with historical background. It has been included in the marine protected area and is now a home to innumerable colorful fish and flora. Descend from the mast to the deck of the wreck at 25 meters.
The hull of the vessel lies 30 meters deep inside the azure water. You can sight turtles, giant trevallies, groupers, fusiliers and jackfish to the anchor end on the sand. Explore the massive wreck, which now accommodates several fishes and soft corals. While you ascend watch fishes circling above giving a majestic view.
Start your dive with bow housing innumerable marine species. The wreck of Victory is located near the heart of Maldives, Male with many resorts and hotels. This makes the site even more popular. With an average visibility of 15-25 meters, Maldives Victory wreck has been hovered by batfish in considerable numbers. Watch number of barracuda playing above the deck. The wreck diving can be best enjoyed in Maldives Victory wreck.