Liveaboards in Maldives

The dive sites in Maldives are located far away from the inhabited islands and is quite very difficult to cover all the surfing locations while accommodating in one island resort. For those who are yearn to play with water or are water sports aficionados, live-aboard in Maldives is a way to explore the best dive and surf sites in Maldives. Live-aboard in Maldives has extended the dimension of water sports activities in Maldives.

Embark on Live-aboard journey. Enjoy live-aboard adventure, which is virtually an exotic way to experience surf and dive.
Cruising Maldives offers an opportunity to travelers to enjoy the true color of water adventure. Cruising in Maldives, an experience to cherish through out the life. Watch dolphins bouncing and swimming along the live-aboard vessel in Maldives. A live-aboard vessel in Maldives provide bar facility. Sip wine amidst the enrapturing splendor of night decked up by moonlight. A live-aboard journey allows you to access some of the quaint secluded locations.
Just lie down and enjoy spectacular sunrise and sunset from the deck. Savor drink in the breathtaking beauty of sunset. Cruising Maldives is an amazing adventure experience not to be missed during your gateway to Maldives. The best part of Maldives live-aboards surf trip is that you will visit innumerable diving sites in Maldives and stroll on deserted uninhabited islands.

All live-aboards in Maldives offer best of luxury and comfort to passengers.

Almost every Maldives live-aboard vessels are equipped with soundproof generator, fully air-conditioned cabins with attached toilets, lounge, dining and wining facilities, video facilities, sun deck and diving equipments.

Live-aboard vessels in Maldives come with different shapes and sizes and take you to distinct diving places. Maldives live-aboards are perfect way to explore the fascinating underwater world. No set itineraries and unlimited diving in an unperturbed atmosphere. Drop your anchor and visit nearby secluded island. Enjoy barbeque and listen to the music of ocean. All live-aboard vessels in Maldives are operated and maintained by professional technical crew and captain to make you journey safe and pleasurable. This floating accommodation option promises to make your Maldives tour an unforgettable experience.

Liveaboards in Maldives