Kuda Haa

Kuda Haa is located to the southwestern area of North Male Atoll in Maldives. It is one of the major scuba diving highlights offering best dive when the water current is low. Kuda Haa Thila appears like a back of two-humped camel. Two thilas covered with beautiful delicate corals. The top of the peaks are at 8 meters and 15 meters, making it easy to swim from one thila to another. With numerous varieties of fishes, Kuda Haa has been announced as one of the marine protected areas by the government of Maldives.
Kuda Haa thila in the middle of the Giraavaru Channel has an average water temperature of 26C.
For intermediate and advanced divers, Kuda Haa offers chilling diving experience to intermediate and advanced divers. The thila has abundance of life breathing inside the azure water. You will watch schooling of fairy basslet and blue-stripped snappers. A number of fusiliers, dogtooth tuna, lionfish, sea squirts, feather stars, moray eels, scorpion fish, butterfly fish and leaf fish. In the shallow reef, many sharks are sighted patrolling the area.