Girifushi Thila

Wedged between of the island of Girifushi and Himmafushi, Girifushi Thila in Maldives is one of the most sought after diving locations located to the southeastern side of North Male Atoll. Thila diving in Girifushi Thila offers an average visibility of 20 to 30 meters. The slope features various caves, crannies and overhangs. Covered with vibrant colors of Dendronephthya delicate corals and sea fans, the reef top is measured at 12 meters.
Subject to strong tidal currents, the thila offers prolific condition for myriad species of fish. Girifushi Thila in Maldives is not suitable for novices.
An average depth of diving is 20 meters and the place is ideal for scuba diving throughout a year.

The thila beckons intermediate and advanced divers to experience thrilling and challenging diving. This protected marine area offers numerous gray reef sharks, eagle rays, barracuda and tunas. Girifushi thila is one of the top shark diving sites in Maldives. The strong current in the region entice large pelagic fish like sharks and eagle rays.