Fotteyo is an astounding dive site in Maldives filled with varied species of underwater flora and fauna. Pick fine quality of underwater camera and capture your underwater journey where you will greet some friendly and colorful fishes. Located in Vaavu atoll, Fotteyo resides jacks, sharks, turtles, tunas, snappers and napoleon wrasse. The dive spot has an array of 25-40 meters caves festooned with delicate corals. Fotteyo is also famed for hammerhead point.
During your scuba diving safari, the opportunity is high to spot schools of trevally, barracuda and gray reef sharks cruising on the outer reef. On the sandbank watch stingrays and white tip reef sharks.
To the outer side of Fotteyo thila, big groupers can be found in caves. On the east of the sand bank, you can spot hard and soft corals with oriental sweetlips swimming around. Fotteyo is a dive site in Maldives, which offers best of magical underwater sights with flourishing flora and several species of aquatic life.