Banana Reef

Banana Reef in Maldives is located on the southeastern side of North Male Atoll. It is the premier dive site in Maldives and the most sought after spot. The reef has a shape of banana extends 300 meters from northeast to south. Banana Reef in Maldives is must dive site with caves, overhangs and crevices festooned with soft corals and colorful fishes.

Napoleon wrasse, moray eels and bannerfish hover in deep blue sea. The top of the reef is at 3 meters and the west side of the reef has a depth of 30 meters.
The west side of the reef is considered as a perfect place to dive. The reef is famous for drift dives. Innumerable variety of fish in varying shapes, colors and sizes has gained the reputation of one of the best dive sites in Maldives.
The major feature of the reef is bannerfish in considerable number. If you are lucky enough, you may sight gray reef sharks when the current is strong. Swim with humphead wrasses and oriental sweetlips. Spot large moray eels cruising in the reef. Further, examine the schooling of fusiliers. Watch soldierfish marching in the azure water in groups. The current sometimes can be strong enough to sweep you from the dive site. Utmost care should be taken while diving when the current is at its peak.