Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll in Maldives is blessed with various diving sites in thilas, channel and coral reef. You can spot sharks through out a year at Baa atoll or South Maalhosmadulu. Ball atoll has made up of two geographical atolls. Goidhoo atoll or Horsburgh atoll lies to the south and is a smallest of the two atolls and main Baa atoll to the north side of the atoll. The tranquil atmosphere, warm crystal clear water, rich coral gardens and colorful reef fishes make the atoll one of the diving choices in Maldives.
Maaddoo Giri, Dhonfan thila, Horubadhoo thila and Baiypolhi Mas are some of the diving sites with flourishing aquatic life. Among all these sites, Baiypolhi Mas is a most exciting and challenging dive spot with several batfish.
With tropical verdure flora and secluded atmosphere, the deserted place has made a mark in the diving industry with world-class diving sites. The reefs of Baa atoll are perfect for undertaking both snorkeling and diving. Baa Atoll is visited by mantas and sharks in large number especially during the months of May, June and July.