Set in North Male Atoll, Aquarium is located to the southern edge of Lohifushi in Maldives. This dive site in Maldives has been reputed for its rich marine life, including napoleon wrasse, butterfly fishes and oriental sweetlips in considerable number. Just before the channel, this dive site has been characterized by coral barrier at 18 meters stretching up to a sandbank at 28 meters housing raccoon butterfly fish and squirrelfish in large number.
The Aquarium truly holds and nourishes the aquatic life. Glance at anglerfishes, aanemonfishes, surgeon fishes, green moray eels, scorpionfishes, stonefishes, firefishes, gray reef sharks and white tip reef sharks. Immerse yourself in night divingand explore the nocturnal shades of water.
This dive site in Maldives is one of the spectacular places to experience night scuba diving.

As the night falls id adds color to your scuba diving safari. With an average of 20-30 meters, the Aquarium has an affluent collection of aquatic species in varied shapes, colors and sizes. Take extra torchlight in order to avoid bumping on large pelagic fishes and waking them from their sleep.