Monuments in Male

Male is the capital of Maldives. The city is a popular tourist destination. There are a number of historical sites and monuments in Male, which serve as popular tourist attractions of the city.

One can find numerous monumental buildings and historical sites in Male. One of the most famous tourist attractions of the city is the National Museum. The museum displays the personal belongings of the Sultan of Maldives. It also houses the Thor Heyerdahl's archaeological discoveries and fantastic stone carvings.
Another popular monument in Male is the Islamic Center and the Grand Friday Mosque. These buildings are known for their grand golden domes. The Friday Mosque is known as Huskuru Miskyii. It is the biggest mosque of the country, with beautiful minarets and decorative domes. The mosque houses the tombs of national heroes of the country. The mosque can accommodate around five thousand people at one point of time.
The Mulee Aagee is another major monument in Male. It is basically a historic home which houses the tombs of many saints of the country. Other major monuments that oe can find in the capital city of the country inlcude the Presidential Palace located in the Suktan Park.

The monuments in Male gives one a clear picture of the history of the country and are also glaring examples of the unique culture and the art of the country.